Collaborations in Pharmacy


Link: Cosmos Pharm

Pharmacy And Poisons Board

Link: Pharmacy and Poisons Board

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Dawa Limited

The department through the Drug Analysis and Research Unit offers product quality management.

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Galaxy Pharmaceuticals Ltd

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Glaxosmithkline Kenya Ltd.

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Kelly Chibale Research Group


Medipharm E.a. Ltd

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Medisel(k) Ltd

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Medox Pharmaceuticals Ltd

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Norbrook Kenya Ltd

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Pharmacy And Poisons Board (ppb)

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Surgipharm Ltd

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Synermed Pharmaceuticals (k) Ltd

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Universal Corporation Ltd.

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Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmacy Practice

Doppp Collaborates With Universal Corporation Ltd

 The Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmacy Practice is now collaborating with Universal Corporation Ltd (UCL) on development of pharmaceutical formulations. UCL will be one of the rotational sites for the postgraduate students doing their Induatrial pharmacy course.

Link: Universal corporation Ltd

Kenyatta National Hospital

Clinical Ward rounds for Both our B.Pharm and Masters Students take place at KNH

Link: KNH

Masters Of Pharmacy In Industrial Pharmacy Students Had The Priviledge To Have Their Industrial Placement At Lab And Allied Pharmaceutical Ltd

Link: Lab and Allied Pharmaceutical Ltd

National Science Council For Science And Technology

NCST has provided a research grant amounting to KShs 1,000,000 to help Dr. David Gitonga Nyamu in advancing his PhD research career.The grant is intended for:

 Clinical research data collection, purchase of equipment, consumables, literature, travels etc

Link: National Science Council for Science and Technology

Eac Regional Centre Of Excellence In Health Supply Cahin Management, School Of Public Health At The University Of Rwnada


Federation Of East Africa Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Are Facilitators Of Research At Sop And Dopp

School of Pharmacy (UoN) and Universal Corporation are working together on a project funded by Federation of East African Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and GIZ. The project involves development of a generic Rufinamide (an orphan anti-epileptic drug) product for use in East Africa for the management of children with Lennox Gastaut Syndrome.

phase 1 of this project involves formulation development of generic rufinamide tablets and development and validation of methods of analysis and sclae up to industry level production.


Management Science For Health (msh)

MSH supports in training our B.Pharm and Masters Students to provide training on Medicines supply chain management course.

Link: MSH Kenya

Partnership For Innovative Medical Education Kenya (prime-k)

The programme utilizes an innovative “skills lab” that allows students to have hands-on clinical experiences using expert patients and simulation models. In addition, the faculty have been trained in clinical teaching, and new educational approaches have been rigorously evaluated to promote the most effective methods university-wide.

PRIME-K has awarded the academic staff members of DOPPP for several fellowships and medical education training.

Dr D.G.Nyamu

Dr S. Opanga

Dr Shital Maru


Pharmaceutical Society Of Kenya (psk)

Link: PSK

Sircle (health Services Implementation Research And Clinical Excellence Collaboration)

SIRCLE is a collaboration between the KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme, The College of Health Sciences- University of Nairobi and The Ministry of Medical Services. These partners support salaries of some trainess and provide supervision and mentorship. The collaboration was made possible by grant support for trainee positions, capacity development and research activities provided by The Consortium for National Health Research.

Dr. Jamleck Karumbi from Ministry of Health is attached to The Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmacy Pratice as a research trainee.


Tianjin University Of Traditional Chinese Medicine (tutcm), China


The Department has international links with Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TUTCM) of China

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Tudelft University Of Technology, Netherlands

 Formulation of tooth paste using Aloe vera to promoteOral Health Education within Kenyan Vulnerable Communities
Student name Francesco Brutto
Student number 4049349
Chairman Prof. Dr. Prabhu Kandachar (Design Engineering)
Mentor Ir. Annemiek van Boejien (Design Aesthetics)
NGO Jukumu Letu (Ngong, Nairobi – Kenya)
NGO Contact Mrs Caroline Matsalia (Founder and Social Worker)
Master Design for Interaction
Start April 2011
End August 2011

Link: TuDelft University of Technology

Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy


The Department has international links with African Institute of Biomedical Science & Technology (AiBST) of Zimbabwe

Contact person: Prof A.N. Guantai

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Hiv Research Collaboration

The Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy has developed and delivered a research project on Nevirapine plasma levels through a collaborative network and funding. The research team for this study were:

- Prof. Scott McClelland (University of Washington)

- Prof. A.N. Guantai (University of Nairobi)

- Dr Susan Graham (University of Washington)

- Dr Margaret Oluka (University of Nairobi)

- Dr Faith Okalebo (University of Nairobi)

Three seminar presentations and one peer-reviewed publication are some of the outputs from this study.

The KNH/UON Ethics and Research Committee under the Chairmanship of Prof A.N. Guantai has provided support through the review of research protocols and oversight of  project implementation.

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Management Science For Health (msh)

The Department has collaborative links with Management Science for Health (MSH)

Contact person: Dr. F.A, Okalebo

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Staff Attend Hiv Research Collaborators Meeting 2014

Dr M. Oluka (left) and Dr F. Okalebo (2nd left) during a tour of Ganjoni Health Centre.

Staff members Prof A. N. Guantai, Dr. F. Okalebo and Dr M. Oluka attended a HIV  Research Collaborators Meeting held at Ganjoni Health Centre, Mombasa on 10th October 2014

Department of Pharmacology And Pharmacognosy

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Tianjin University Of Traditional Chinese Medicine (tutcm), China

The Department has international links with Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TUTCM) of China

Contact person: Prof J. W. Mwangi

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